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Do. The. Right. Thing.
Everyone has encountered this proverbial saying at one point in time or at least some alteration of it such as "follow your heart," or "trust your gut," but doing the "right" thing, whatever it may be, has always been easier said than done. Power, a popular TV series produced by Curtis Jackson, more commonly known as 50 Cent, reveals this in a complex storyline that outlines what many people struggle with, doing what they perceive to be morally good or justified or doing something else because they are being influenced by institutional restraints and/or power dynamics.
The consequences and perils of power, ranging from institutions to people themselves, are told in a captivating and meaningful story centered around the
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When Ghost asks her, "When you met me what did you think I was gonna be?" She responds by saying, "The biggest goddamn drug dealer in New York City." Tasha wants to be the wife of the best drug dealer that New York has ever known, and this is one reason why it is difficult for Ghost to do the right thing. His money has provided well for his family, for they live in a stunning penthouse, wear expensive clothing, and attend prestigious schools, but even with their young children to worry about, Tasha keeps reassuring her husband he's so good at the drug game that he can beat the odds, but Ghost eventually tells her, "I don't know any old, wrinkled drug dealers. They're either dead or inside." Evidently, they do not see eye to eye on the matter of going legit because Ghost, or should I say, James, sees his club Truth as his ticket out of the dangerous drug business, but his wife has known him only as a drug kingpin and doesn't want that to change. Even though she provides input on the street enterprise, Tasha is unable to see the big picture because she scoffs when Ghost works at the club leading him to lose respect for her. Thus, family pressure from his wife Tasha makes it difficult for Ghost to do the right thing and leave the
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