50 Shades Of Grey Analysis

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Twilight with a Twist

Sitting at first place at box office for the third week in a row and having earned $500 million worldwide, 50 Shades of Grey is the movie on everyone 's mind. Some say the movie is more tame than Twilight, some say watching the movie is punishment enough. What people don 't say is how erotically enticing and gripping this film is. That 's because it isn 't.

Set in a dull, very grey Seattle, Ana Steele (Dakota Johnson), an English lit college graduate becomes woven into accomplished billionaire, Christian Grey 's masochist web. The virgin not only finds herself drawn to Grey 's anguished past, but sees it as a challenge. And who can blame her when Jamie Dornan (Grey) is the most aesthetically pleasing on-screen bod since …show more content…

Dakota Johnson who plays Ana Steele, is more recognised for her modeling career than her last lead role in Need For Speed. She is also seen briefly in more popular movies, 21 JumpStreet and Social Network and seen less in her temporary sitcom Ben and Kate where she played Kate.
Johnson 's co-star, Jamie Dornan, was more successful in television and has won various awards for his lead role in the highly rated thriller, The Fall. Highlighting the problem in 50 Shades Of Grey that he plays the serial killer too well.
Johnson seemed perfect for the role of Ana. Her transformation from being an inexperienced, timid girl into a classy, composed 'business ' woman is satisfyingly progressive. Dornan 's character, however, apart from being obviously sexy (if you think serial-killers are sexy), turns a salacious and powerful dialogue into comedic gold. Dialogue so cringe-worthy, it would make Hugh Hefner blush in his grave.

Although the movie was directed at woman between the ages of 20+, the audience seemed to consist of a few awkward couples, small bunches of middle aged women and a lonely old man in a

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