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500 English Sentences Case Study 1. Discuss the differences types of frame used by Scott and Mr. Honda in the conflict situation. In this case, Scott is an American who is a qualified person in the teaching of English and being asked by Mr. Honda to do some editing of the textbook for republication. He was willing to help Mr. Honda to improve the manuscript because he thinks that there are many errors in the textbooks so he wanted to make some amendments on it. He was able to return the manuscript to Mr. Honda within ten days. Anyway, the corrections made by Scott were not accepted by Mr. Honda. The reason that he gave was because there are too many errors to change and that will take a longer time for the publisher to process the textbook.…show more content…
However, he knew that he cannot just go over Japan as he does not have sufficient financial support and also not familiar with the Japanese language. Then, he found a teaching job advertisement which is the JET Program and he intended to apply for the position in order for him to stay in Japan. Later, he successfully obtains the chance to teach English over there due to his high qualification as an English major. He attended the workshops and seminars that gave him a clearer picture on what to expect by living in such a place with culture which is different from his home country. • Discuss the main issues for Mr. Honda. Then, main issue for Mr. Honda is that the place where he is currently working at which is the Nishi High has been assigned the duty of editing the text in textbook and resubmit it to the publisher. As a head of the English department, he wanted to make sure everything is fine without mistake. He asked Scott to do him this favour by helping the school to repair some errors in the textbook. However, Mr. Honda did not expect that there will be so many errors in the textbook. So, he told Scott the manuscript will not be accepted by telling him there is insufficient time to make such a lot of amendments. 4.

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