501BC Confucius's Life

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Confucius was born in 551 BC to a family of notable status. His dad was a warrior so when he was alive, their family was quite well off, though many speculate that he was illegitimate. Confucius’ dad died he was 3, this led to his mother struggling with money. Though they struggled with money his mother tried to give him a good education, she gave him love of learning since young lasted whole life. At the age of 19 he got married to a woman named Qiguan they had their first child at the age of 20. He worked in many different jobs from farmhand to bookkeeper in his twenties so that he could pay for his mother to have a proper burial as she died when he was 23.
By 501BC Confucius with teachings had become quite well-known so when there was a change of leadership that year the leadership sought to gain his allegiance by appointing him the governor of a small town. He served in many posts over his career and soon rose to the title of Minister of Crime.
However, Confucius became angry with the Duke whom he served because he was devoting his time to the horses and women that a neighbouring leader had sent to him as a gift. So, he left and went on a journey to spread his philosophy around the neighbouring areas.
He returned home at the
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The second aspect was “Moral Government”. This states that whatever way the official view the government takes, their people will normally follow. A quote that shows this point is, “The grass will Bend whichever way the wind blows “. The next aspect was he importance of tradition. He believed that tradition helped people channel positive emotions and improved a person morals. The fourth, was that of idea of the superior man (gentleman) or the inferior man. He stated that anyone could become the superior man, no matter what their financial or social status, believing you were not defined by your
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