55 Miles To The Gas Pump Analysis

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Marriage is relationships between individuals which has formed the foundation of the family for most societies. The first thing that comes to mind about marriage is having a lasting relationship. Marriage is a commitment of two people to one another and to each other’s family, bonded by holy matrimony. When a couple plans to marry, they think of raising a family together, dedicating their life to each other. Many people promise many people promise to love their spouse ‘til death do them apart but after reading the stories ,” “55 miles to the Gas Pump”, “popular mechanics”, and the cranes” , through irony, the authors have proven the wrong meaning of marriage.
In the story “55 miles to the Gas Pump” (327), it is a story that dispersed into two separate points of view with interesting irony. The story is about a married couple who live seemingly different lives. The story is introduced by describing Rancher Croom’s physical appearance which created a messy perception in the readers head. Mr. Croom appears to be messy since he appears to be drunk on a regular basis. Next, the story somewhat shifts personas by talking about Rancher Croom nearly drunkenly falling off a cliff while in the meantime, his wife is at home creeping around in the attic where her husband had previously forbidden her to enter. Soon after, it seems as if her husband had
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The man was leaving and wanted to take the baby with him but the women refused. They fought and each pulled at the baby. Although, in the story the fact that they killed the baby is not directly mentioned the escalating fight and the last sentence point to the fact that the baby died.” In this manner, the issue was decided”(229). This sentence suggests that neither parents got the baby because they pulled it apart and died. This last sentence is the source of the irony in the
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