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In recent years 5S is commonly used in Japanese enterprises in order to boost human efficiency and productivity. 5S is a system to reduce wasting and optimise quality via supervising an organized environment and use ocular data to retrieve augment rigid results. The origin of 5S was Japan. 5S is the acronym of five Japanese words which stands for:
• Seiri (Sort)
• Seiton (Straighten)
• Seiso (Shine)
• Seiketsu (Standardize)
• Shitsuke (Sustain)
5S means
• Seiri (sorting, get rid of worthless materials, governing the institute) Deals with assort all the tools and materials and other apparatus in the workplace. Crucial equipment is gathered appropriately, which diminish peril.
• Seiton (set in order, provide place for everything)
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During cleaning machine, workshop and shop area, light source, ongoing information, route of cleanliness is monitored. Operator should take care about own maintenance and neatness.
Implementing 3S rule:
Renovation of workshop is the first step of 3S rule, routine cleaning is mandatory for maintain this improvement. Cleanliness is beneficial to note the damage on parts of machine, cracks and misalignment.
4S – Standardize

Worked out and implemented standards in the workshop. Management should give direction to the workers, which are clear and easily understandable so that workplace clean and would be in order. All the workers of the workshop should be participated in this activity; the workers group knows particularly their own exercise and process of elaboration, usage gives them possibility of understanding the quality and each prospect of the operation. The objective is to easy access of the required standards for constant and ocular places should be assured.
It is consider that standards not only being implemented in usual operational process e.g. maintenance, movement, production, sorting but also in organizational process like customer service, book keeping, HRM
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