5th Amendment Research Paper

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Amendment 1 ¬ Freedoms, Petitions, and Assembly- This amendment protects religious liberties meaning there will be no law symbolizing a national religion or persecuting somebody if they chose to follow a certain religion. Under this amendment, citizens are also guaranteed freedom of speech meaning the right to express any opinions without censorship, the right to press meaning television, newspapers, magazines and other media sources can publish truthful reports, even if they may be controversial, without the government interfering, the right to peacefully assemble meaning someone can gather together with others without fear from the government that they are a mob, the right to complain, and seek assistance of the government without fear of …show more content…

¬ What private property can be taken? ¬ What shall be the reimbursement for the private property taken? This amendment is also very important to police work because the Miranda Rights are based off the 4th and 5th amendment. It also brings up the question of what police can do if a suspect is not talking or giving information at all. And another question is what property can be taken for what reimbursement. Amendment 6 ¬ Right to a fair trial- This amendment means that in all criminal prosecutions, the person being accused shall enjoy the right to a fast and public trial, by a fair jury from the State and district where the crime has been committed. It also means that the person being tried is to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation and confront the witnesses against them; to have obligated process for obtaining witnesses in their favor, and to have the right to an attorney. ¬ What happens if a jury can not make up their mind and the trial is dragging on when it should be going …show more content…

¬ How do you determine when you are constitutionally denying somebody? ¬ What can you deny somebody? This amendment is important to police work because police can not deny or ridicule people of certain things. This means that police should treat everybody with respect and be courteous. If police deny and ridicule people, they are going against the constitution. Amendment 10 ¬ States’ rights- This amendment means that any power not given to the federal government is given to the people or the states. ¬ How do you know when federal forces should step in? ¬ How do you know when it is state problem only? ¬ How much power can state police departments have? This amendment is important to police work because it gives question of what situations federal forces should step into. This also gives question of how much power state police forces should have. Another big issue is what rules and laws states can

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