5th Grade Classroom Observation

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I observed a TAG (talented and gifted) teacher, she was split between three different elementary schools and covered grades 1st through 5th. The younger grade 1st through 3rd were pulled out of their class once a week for 30 min lesson, which is considered an enrichment. The other two grades, 4th and 5th meet for 4 hours once a week, this class is known a PLUS. All the students in the TAG program tested above their classmates on their MAPS and ITBS. The teacher’s challenges these students in different core class areas by giving them instructional resources that go beyond the typical curriculum. All the assignments went along with the classroom material for their grade level. The teacher used curriculum compact, these students have already mastered the work in the classroom. She took them out of the classroom and gave them assignments that made them do more in depth thinking, this also made them think on a higher level. The assignments were very elaborate, which made the students really stop and think. They had to read through it and process it; this made them also use critical thinking skills. When approached with a question she would make the student go back and search for the answer, instead of just answering them. Another teaching strategy she uses was problem-based learning, by giving the students a…show more content…
When I was observing these students they were working on a “people fair” presentation. They had to choose a person they felt had made an impact. She then gave each student a packet of questions, they had to find out certain information and make a poster board. After researching they had to write a reflection paper on their person qualities. They had to relate the person qualities to how they would use them in their own life. Finally the students would hold a “people fair” to present their research to their
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