5th Grade Math Research Paper

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Grade Level: 5th Grade Math
TEKS: (5.2) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to represent, compare, and order positive rational numbers and understand relationships as related to place value. The student is expected to (A) represent the value of the digit in decimals through the thousandths using expanded notation and numerals; Supporting Standard (B) compare and order two decimals to thousandths and represent comparisons using the symbols >, <, or =; Readiness Standard (C) round decimals to tenths or hundredths. Supporting Standard
Essence Statement: Uses numbers to demonstrate an understanding of place value.
App Name: First Grade Math Lite
Description: Overall, the First Grade Math Lite app is great for helping student master the 5th grade math TEK to use numbers to demonstrate an understanding of
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This can greatly help a student successfully communicate during classroom activities at the end of a six-week period at least 3 out of 5 times when prompted by the teacher or a peer to answer a question or give an opinion about the activity. Out of a possible 24 points I gave this app 20 points in total. In the Curriculum Connection, I gave the app full points because it strongly reinforces the targeted skill of communication. For the authenticity of the app I gave 3 of 4 points since it doesn’t use a specific formula for communication. Feedback received 1 point because there is no feedback in this app. Differentiation, User friendliness, and Self-Motivation all received full points. There are tons of ways to customize the app for students including recording a familiar voice, using pictures taken of objects they use, etc. The interface is user friendly and take no effort to navigate. I would say that because of all the customization that can be done students would select this app over
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