5th Grade Persuasive Speech

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“Hey Abdul!” my friend Omar yelled. He was looking at a paper in the bulletin board, I figured out that he wanted us to sign up for a school thing. “No I’m not signing up for a school thing” I say. “Just come here and look” he states. I roll my eyes and go up to him he points at a paper that says soccer tournament. “Dude let’s sign up for that!” I yell. “So now you want to sign up that” he teased. “I thought you wanted me to sign up for a lame thing like chess” I mumble. It says people from first graders which is my grade will go against 2nd grade,3rd grade will go against 4th grade and 5th grade will go against 6th grade. Which means that will leave two finales and they will go against each other. I read the paper aloud and two sixth graders

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