6.03 Calorimetry Lab Report Results

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1. A number of different items were measured in this lab. For each of the following items, what did you find most challenging in making the measurement and how did that challenge affect the accuracy of the measurement? a) Length of the table b) Height of your partner c) Thickness of your finger A. We found that measuring the length of the table was difficult because it was longer than the two-meter stick. To measure the table we used the two-meter stick and a meter stick together. Overall I believe the measurement was slightly less accurate because we had to check three points, the ends of the table and where the two-meter and one-meter sticks met. B. Measuring the height of the our partner was difficult due to his rounded head, to overcome this a flat…show more content…
We calculated the density of the metal ball to be 7.83 g/cm3 using methods IV and V and concluded it was iron. C. The density of the plate was calculated to be 2.667 g/cm3 using methods IV and V. Thus we concluded that it was aluminum. 3. When calculating density for the rod and the ball, two different volumes were used: 1. calculated and 2. displacement method. Which result do you thing is better and why? I consider the displacement method to be better for a few reasons. First the ball had a small hole directly in the center and the rod had an uneven end these presented challenges for getting an accurate measurement in step III. Second the errors in the measurements were carried through and expanded by the calculations performed. The obtaining the volume via the displacement method was only one step without calculations. Thus I believe the displacement method produce better measurments. 4. In the following passages, the process of measurement is used. What lessons should we learn from these passages? a) Isaiah 40:12 God has created the world and knows everything about the universe. As humans we try to measure the universe, and we can only estimate, but God knows with exact

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