6.03 Chemistry Lab

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1. 150 ml of boiled water was poured into each of the three beakers labeled A, B, C. 2. Five tea bags were soaked for the time given by the manufacturer (two minutes) , in beaker A (Control). The teabags were immediately removed after the time elapsed. 3. Another five tea bags were soaked for fifteen seconds in beaker B and then removed. The same teabags were then placed into beaker C for two minutes. They were removed after the time elapsed. 4. The solutions were allowed to cool to room temperature using an ice bath. 5. 150 ml of the solution in beaker A was added to the separating funnel with 10ml of chloroform. The funnel was gently shaken and vented to release the pressure. This was done five times. 6. In the separating funnel, the liquid was left on the retort stand for ten minutes to settle. The cover of the separating funnel was removed.…show more content…
The chloroform and caffeine mixture was collected and into a conical flask labeled A. The remainder of the solution was discarded. This was repeated for beakers B and C. 9. Sodium sulphate was then added to each beaker to dry the liquid by getting rid of any remaining water from the solution. The sodium sulphate was then filtered and discarded. 10. The solution was then placed under the fume hood for the chloroform to evaporate. 11. Methanol was filled in a test tube and placed into a water bath to heat up. 12 Drops of the Methanol were then added to each flask until the crude caffeine had completely dissolved. 13. The solution was then filtered and the residue collected in a filter paper. It was left to dry and

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