7p Marketing Mix

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6.5 Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is a tool that aids in processing an important decision in order to build a successful marketing plan. The term "marketing mix" was created in 1953 by American Marketing Association president Neil Borden (The Balance, 2017, para. 1). It is composed of 4P’s which Product, Place, Price, and Promotion are. These must be well correlated and precise in order to meet a specific customer need and demand. Moreover, making a profit is a goal of every business, in order to attain these; the 7P’s of the marketing strategy should be taken into consideration. 7P’s are generally used in the service industries. 6.5.1 Product
Tito’s and Tita’s Laundry Shop is offering a laundry service from a wash-dry-fold, wash-dry-press, and dry-cleaning services. Considering the busy lifestyle of the target market, the service that the business is offering will provide them a better quality of living resulting in convenience of their time and effort in performing the laundry activity. Relating to Chapter 4 figure 7 most of the respondents of the survey were working individuals with a total of 63.47%, thus, making their time
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In order for this business to materialise, a set of marketing strategies and objectives were formulated. From learning the needs and demands of the market leads to formulating the appropriate marketing strategies in order to reach the market. The business aims to attain its objective along with providing a quality service as it focusses to build a customer-based relationship that will result in a positive feedback from customers. Hence, markets the name of the business through word-of-mouth. Other methods pertaining to technological aspects, the business will also enter the social media and create its own website, which are cost-efficient and currently in trend. With continuous innovation and learnings, the business will venture towards

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