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6-5 Short Paper: Classes and Methods Art Penerian IT-145 Application Development Southern New Hampshire University Abstract The purpose of this document is to write a short paper in response to the following prompt: Your local police department wants to design new software to keep track of people, property, and criminal activity. List at least three classes you think should be in the design. For each class, identify some data members and methods. Using the simplified OOD methodology: 1. Write down a detailed description of the problem. 2. Identify all the (relevant) nouns and verbs. 3. From the list of nouns, select the objects. Identify the data components of each object. 4. From the list of verbs, select the operations. 6-5 Short Paper:…show more content…
1. Police 2. People which is object1 3. Property which is object2 4. Criminal Activity which is object3 (this is also a possible attribute of Object1 and Object2). There is only one verb the programmer should focus on in this statement. 1. Track The programmer would now create three basic classes they feel would be critical elements that must be incorporated into the software design for maximum effectiveness. The first class will be an InformationGatherer. The purpose of this class is to gather all information sent by each individual class that officers contribute to which track people, and property. The second function of this class is to track all ongoing criminal activity. Members: Report. Reports are obtained from the people and property class. Notifier: Reports various types of criminal activity to the police via designated division. I.e. homicide, property, SVU, etc. Methods of the report class consist of: getinfo: this gets information submitted to the people and property class. isCriminal: This function will check and see if there are any reports that indicate criminal
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