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Whether you’re at work or at an event, there’s always that sense of dread when you bend down to reach for something and hear an unexpected ripping sound. It’s never an ideal situation when a piece of clothing fails to hold together and the need for an emergency appointment with a tailor becomes vital. 6 Avenue Tailor understands that anything can happen throughout the day to cause sudden tears in fabric and readily accepts last-minute walk-ins. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust these professionals to quickly and conveniently provide the fix that will allow you to continue on with your day.

As the best tailor NYC has ever seen, there are a number of alterations and sewing projects that 6 Avenue Tailor offers to their clients. What if your gown and pants fit perfectly, but the zipper all of a sudden decides to stop functioning properly? Stop by 6 Avenue Tailor and their seamstress will be able to take care of it for you. Did one of the straps snap on your bridesmaid dress the night before the wedding? There’s no need to stress when you can make a trip over to 6 Avenue Tailor for a quick repair.
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They not only specialize in assisting those who have sudden rips or tears in their clothing; you can call on them for all sorts of sewing services. From formalwear alterations to men’s suit resizing to hole and patch repair, this is the tailor NYC residents recommend for all your clothing needs.

6 Avenue Tailor works to always have a flexible schedule in order to better serve their customers. If you’re ever in need of emergency tailor service, call (646) 416-7928. Visit their website for more
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