60 Minutes: Ending Life

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In the story 60 Minutes “Ending Life” it talks about a woman named Barbara who went to go visit her dad Joe who was not feeling very good. When she went over there she they started talking and after awhile he asked her to hand a flask but when she handed it to him she didn’t know what was in the flask she handed him. After she gave him the flask she held his hand and started talking to him. A couple minutes later the nurse comes over to check on him and she sees that he is not moving and calls the cops. When the cops get there they ask Barbara some questions about what happened to her dad. The cops arrested her right on the spot for not stopping her dad from drinking the morphine in the flask. The cops called an ambulance to come and get her father and take him to the hospital. While Barbara went to court to see if she would go to jail her father was being treated at the hospital. Barbara finally went back to court to see if they would take her to jail that didn’t happen she was set free. She found…show more content…
I also think it should be allowed because it’s that person’s choice to go through with it. As I see it the people who are trying to commit suicide should be allowed to because maybe they are tired of being ill and want to be relieved of the pain and or they just don’t want to live anymore. To my mind I don’t really get why it’s against the law for someone to kill themselves if they want to they should be allowed to. Personally , I think that most of the assisted suicide people’s reason for that is either because they are very sick or they just feel like they can’t live anymore. Many people say that killing themselves is a good way to relieve the pain but the bad thing about that is killing yourself is not the only way to relieve the pain. There is a better way to relieve the pain is to go to whatever or whoever caused you that pain you are
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