60s Music Influence

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Music has never stopped changing. Decade after decade styles change, instruments, lyrics, etc. The 60s was one of the biggest decades for music. During this decade the United States saw many new styles come along, some faded away, and others are still important today. Music was becoming something that had an impact on people’s lives. It influenced people’s choices at work, at home, in public. A major impact to music during the 60s was the invasion of the British in the beginning part of the decade. During the early 60s bands from the 50s were still producing hits. Brenda Lee, Ray Charles, Chubby Checker, etc. The British Invasion became a national phenomenon when The Beatles arrived. The Beatles first played at “The Ed Sullivan Show” and this was when people knew they were taking over the United States. It was from here that British bands started to come to the United States and gain popularity. Major bands such as: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Dusty Springfield, The Who, The Yardbirds, and many others. The biggest player in the British…show more content…
The bands who had invaded the United States brought over new styles of clothing and styles of hair that would help the United States change. British bands started the style of moppy hair. At the time when The Beatles had arrived men didn’t wear their hair long. After The Beatles arrived that started to change. Men and women started to break out in different styles. They didn’t feel like they had to follow their parent’s style, and stay just like everyone else. They started to grow out their hair, facial hair started, clothes became brighter, baggy, and sometimes clothing would have a dirty look. This helped the youths parents hate these new bands even more. They felt that their children were being corrupted and going to all become hippies. This was just the start of parents refusing to let their children listen to these new bands that had invaded them from
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