60's Vs 1960s

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In the 60’s, marijuana and heroin can be strongly connected to Timothy Leary, a radical Harvard professor, urging the world to try LSD. The 60’s were the heyday of illegal drug usage. The 60’s were a time of discrimination, extreme drug usage and violence. Although, many people today would argue that the 60’s were a safer time of unification. Others would argue that drug usage was out of control and there was lots of protest and rebellious teenagers. I believe that life is better now than in the 1960’s. Now, people are more accepted in society, there is less discrimination against women and there is more advanced technology. Many different religions, ethnicities, customs and traditions are accepted today. It states in the text written by Tasia Falcon that, “ In modern society, people can make decisions for themselves and do things they want to do within reason. However, in the society of the 1960’s, many people were oppressed and therefore could not live life how they wanted”(Falcon).This shows how more people are accepted today because it states how people were oppressed during the 60’s and are now able to express themselves more freely. Today, many teens are encouraged to have their own fashion sense and to be unique. In the 60’s, many teens and young adults were discriminated against for how they choose to dress. Also, during…show more content…
According to the same text, “ There are now even cellphones with internet available on them. People can keep in touch and meet new people easier and faster than 50 years ago”(Falcon). This illustrates how today’s technology is much better than in the 60’s because it states how, today, we are able to keep in touch and meet new people. Today, the internet allows us to connect with many different kinds of people around the world. Our advanced technology lets us learn many new things about stuff that people would have to search through huge books to find, in the
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