7-Eleven Case Study

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The purpose for this assignment is observe and get information about 7-eleven Malaysia and the relationship between stakeholder and 7-eleven. So I will introduce the 7-eleven Malaysia and talk about the back ground of 7-eleven and how stakeholder to affect them.
In 1927, the founder J.C. Thompson established 7-Eleven as the Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas. The company started as ice vendor then began to sold daily product on evenings and Sundays when other store were closed. The grocery store were closed around evening normally, so people need a store that offer some product such as milk, bread or life’s necessities. A new business idea to satisfied customers and increase the sales. The first convenience store was known
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So, how to motivate and lead the employees become internal problems around us. Through the management control and lead that can occur the employee motivation. Reward system is the well plan to motivate all the employees to complete their job such as salary, life cycle benefits, flexible spending and insurance. A great reward system can satisfy the employee needs and wants that can also increase the loyalty of the employees. But, some of the employees no focus the salary, they more concern about the company prospects. This is because the company prospects will decide how high they can reach. For example, the sport toto fitness centre is part of the BERJAYA group business, but the BERJAYA Corporation did not take fitness centre be their development projects. So, the people have a limited position who wants to join this fitness centre. Some of the employees get the motivation from the position done perfectly and get the good comments from higher…show more content…
They started in the three different parts to help and practise the community which is society, workplace and environment. In society, 7-eleven through creating job opportunity and charitable giving to the community for reduce unemployment problem. For workplace, they try to create a great working environment with high quality employee benefit to attract more talents and take the responsibility for take care and response to environmental protection.
Relationship between community and 7-eleven
1. Society
7-elevn believes creating more job opportunity in Malaysia that can adding value to the communities in which it operate a high standards of behavior and integrity in everything that it undertakes. Besides that, they believe and conscious through charitable giving, foundation grants and volunteerism is another part of society problems to make it perfection.
2. Workplace
7-Eleven Malaysia effort to create a platform can invite their employees to discuss and participant into their company and issue through specifically channels of communication such as “7-eleven Wiki”. This action can give their employees a chance to speak honestly about their company improvement, it also provide a good place to work from aspects like learning and training to

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