7 Factors That Influence Learning Capacity

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Learning capacity, is an ability that everyone have. You are able to learn, absorb new knowledge, and understand the things that are surrounding you. A people’s learning capacity can be improve, according to PICK THE BRAIN (2014), they stated that there are 7 methods to enhance your learning capacity which are be prepared, get organized, take good notes, be on time, establish your learning styles, ask questions and complete all assignments. In another way, there are also a lot of factors that may influence, impact or decrease someone’s learning capacity as well. I had come out with 7 factors that may influence the learning capacity which are environment, relationship between family, teachers and peers, attitude, interest and likes, genetic…show more content…
The learners who are having the good relationship with their family will normally get a lot of support from them. Parents will encourage you in your study and comfort you while you are stress. All the support and love will be the motivation for the learners to continue their study and achieve their goals. Learners who have the good relationship with their parents, their parents will more likely engage in their study or learning. Parental engagement will probably enhance the learners’ learning capacity. Once parents engage in the children’s study, they will get more understand about their children’s weakness ad strengths in their study. Parents may support their weakness at home and teach their children how to do better. Another is the teacher and parents may using the different method to teach the learners, but it is actually confusing the learners. It is better for teachers and parents to use the same method, so once the parents engage in the learners’ study, parents get the opportunity to communicate with the teacher to figure out the best method for the learners. The learners will feel more secure and confidence when their parents are engaging in their study. Children tend to have better self-esteem, self-disciplined, and show the higher motivation toward school once their parents engage in their school or study (education.com, 2012). The next is the…show more content…
Genetic can probably influence one’s learning capacity. For an example a child’s parents who are wise and achieved highly in their academic when they were young, their child will probably wise and able to achieved better result or outcome in their academic. A research that did by the Science World Report, 2014 shown that the children differ in learning are actually influenced by the genetics. Even though this research may be able to prove that genetics may influence the learner’s learning capacity but it seems it just a little research that I can find to prove that the genetic my influence the learning capacity. It may probably is one of the factor that may influence learning capacity but it will not be the factor which influence most on the learning capacity. The last factor is health. Health I had separate into 2 sections, one is poor nutrition and another is over nutrition (Classroom Management SW, 2014). Poor and over nutrition will probably influence one’s learning capacity. For an example, the learners who are with poor nutrition will probably due to their parents may have the financial problem, learners cannot get enough food or skipping the meals. Learners who may not get enough food or skipping their meal will cannot concentrate during their study due to the hunger. Children who skip their breakfast will probably get lower score in their exam and may also decrease the body’s ability to

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