7 Habits Analysis

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The 7 Habits of highly effective teens project truly blew me away. Throughout the project I learned many new skills that I will most certainly use next year in college. In reference to my group experience, it was awesome! The classmates that I worked with were Bridget Kenney and Mia Bowen. I knew that I 'd get along with both of these girls because we used to play field hockey together. Our group made this experience very enjoyable. We agreed on ideas and split up the work. I think the best part was that each of us followed through with the work. We broke the topic up by each paragraph. Our topic was the Relationship Bank Account. My specific role was to discuss the purpose, abbreviations, self importance, and do small acts of kindness. I…show more content…
However, Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw is the most influential to me. This habit helps me on a personal level. I 'm not very good at keeping a healthy heart and soul. This is probably because before this groups presentation I didn 't know how to. Through the information given in the presentation I now have ideas to improve these two areas. For heart health I plan to focus on building my relationships with others. Specifically, my family and friends. I believe that over the last few year i have been so wound up in school that I have distanced myself from the people that I love the most. I plan to built these relationships by making small efforts that will eventually grow into an improvement in our relationship. Another way I plan to build my relationships I 'd to make sure I set aside time to be there for the important people in my life. I learned that laughter helps with your heart health and I 'm going to start incorporating it more. I 'd also like to work on my soul health. I have tried doing yoga and honestly having found much of a benefit to it. Instead of doing yoga I 'm going to try meditation in a different way. I will try to meditate by having complete silence for a few minutes. Overall, I believe that this was my favor it habit. The skills I learned are truly remarkable and the group did a great job with their
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