The Importance Of Saving A Person's Life

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Meta description: There are many skills that could save some one’s life no matter what role you contribute to. Life is itself unpredictable and these skills will come in hand.
Excerpt: Different skills that help mankind and helps you be a better person to live in this society.
7 Skills that can help you save someone’s life

Learning first aid training can make a big difference for someone’s life in a critical situation. Many people experience such situations once in their lives when they might want to help someone during an emergency situation. As emergencies can happen in all areas of life, someone could fall, bleed or have stroke at work or home. When this happens, the first few minutes are the most hectic and having basic first aid skills
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Hypothermia is when a body 's temperature drops to the point where normal cerebral and muscular functions are damaged. A person may be experiencing hypothermia if they begin to shiver, lose coordination, get drowsy, not breathing normally or have a slower heart rate. Treat hypothermia by removing any wet clothing, wrapping them tightly in a blanket and make sure the atmosphere is warm enough. Give them warm liquids (no caffeine) to help balance out their
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Using an AED
AEDs and automated external defibrillators is a device for checking heart rhythm and send electric shocks to restore a normal heart beat. Proper use of this device can give life-saving mediation if somebody is encountering cardiovascular arrhythmias which can also lead to acute cardiac arrest. Proper training is required in order to use an AED, one needs to be certified and if you are not, seek medical help immediately.
5. Controlling Bleeding
If someone is bleeding; apply pressure to the wound, ideally with sterile cloth, but a towel or T-shirt will work just fine if you can’t find anything else. Make sure that you elevate the wound above the heart. Mild bleeding usually stops on its own, but If the bleeding has not slowed down or stopped, continue pressuring the wound while getting help..
6. Heart Attacks and Strokes
To relief a regular pain, Aspirin is prescribed by the doctors to help treat mini heart attacks and strokes. Aspirin properties includes anti inflammatory and a blood thinner that helps blood get through large clots that leads to stroke and heart attacks. After calling for a medical help, ask the infected person to swallow a 325 mg dose of aspirin.
7. How to Exit a Burning

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