Argumentative Essay: The Night Stalker

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7 The Night Stalker
Richard Ram was known as the Night Stalker and during his 8 month killing spree during the 1980’s he killed 14 victims. The self-proclaimed Satanist broke into homes, burgalured, raped, and killed, and once captured seemed to enjoy the publicity and media attention. And his crimes attracted a lot of attention.
On the first day of his trial he entered the courtroom, held out his hand, which had a pentagram drawn on it, and shouted, “Hail Satan!” He never expressed any type of guilt or remorse for his crimes. After being found guilty on 13 counts of murder, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries, he was sentenced to death. He replied, “Big deal”.
Richard Ramirez was sent to death row at the
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Together with his followers they tortured the young woman and assaulted her with stones before Drew broke her neck with his bare hands and decapitated her. The violence continued even after this, Drew did things to her headless corpse that are too disturbing to chronicle here but whatever you’re thinking I assure you, it was far worse.
In 1981 he was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
5 Teen Murder Spree
Natasha Cornett had a troubled childhood. She suffered from severe bipolar disorder and anorexia and to make matters worse her parents had limited health insurance. But no amount of hardship is an excuse for what she did.
When she was 17 Natasha became the leader of her own band of misfits. She saw links to Satan everywhere – even in her own name which spelt backwards is “Ah-satan”. Together they planned a road-trip/killing spree intending to shock the world before disappearing over the border.
The abducted a young family of four at a rest-stop, drove them to a secluded area and shot them in the head, one by one before driving over the bodies. Somehow the youngest child – who was only two years old – managed to survive but was left severely disabled.
To avoid the death penalty Natasha and her accomplices all pleaded guilty and were each given three life sentences with no possibility of
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But the evidence was overwhelming and the reason he did it made no difference. The judge said it was one of the most horrific cases he’s ever dealt with and sentenced Moises to 25 years to life.
1 The Godfather of Matamoros
Adolfo Constanzo, also sometimes known as The Godfather of Matamoro was a Cuban-American drug dealer, serial killer, and cult leader who authorities believe may have murdered more than 20 people during the 1980’s.
Adolfo was introduced to the dark world of voodoo and witchcraft by his mother. The pair were often arrested for petty crimes. By the time he reached his teens he had begun working as an appreciate for a witch doctor and as an adult he was making money casting “luck” spells for members of the Mexican drug cartel.
He wanted to cast more powerful spells and finally graduated to murdering people so he could use their remains in his rituals. Just before he was caught he ordered one of his followers to shoot so he never faced justice for his horrific

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