7 Ways Losing My Mother Changed Me Short Story

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7 Ways Losing my Mother Changed Me Forever

I will never forget the details of that morning. Apparently this is referred to as a “flashbulb memory” - where you recall the experience of learning about the news of an event - and not as much the actual event itself. Where you were. What you were doing, and so on. I am going to share my flashbulb memory of when my mother died and how losing a parent changed me forever.
My World Was Shattered When I Heard the News
It was a dreary Saturday morning with a cloudy overcast. At 19 years old, I was navigating my way through my first semester of an intensive nursing program. I forced myself out of bed to my Saturday biology class that ran from 8 am to noon. Even the clothes I was wearing that day I remember,
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Not only did I lose a wonderful mother, my children never got to have a true grandmother as she passed before they were born. What makes this blow particularly hard, is that for some reason on my husband’s side, his mother never had a relationship with our kids either - even though the other cousins practically live at her house. Even worse, is the fact my mother was overbearing with love and I can’t imagine how different life would be for my kids with her in it.
I get jealous at times of people that still have their mothers. At 19 years old, my mother and I were just entering a new era of our relationship. I was embarking on adulthood and the trials of teenage years were behind us. It was an exciting time and I wish I could go do things with her.
I lay huge importance on certain objects. Certain items that belonged to my mother have become very dear to me. Things as simple as her recipe box with hand-written recipes passed down from generations have become precious to me. I also have a cremation diamond ring that was made from her ashes that is my most prized possession. After I had the diamond made, I used her remaining ashes to grow a tree that will be loved and protected for generations to

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