8.03: Complete Exercise From My Life

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Complete Exercise 8.03 (SCENE FROM MY LIFE) on p. 94 in the workbook at the back of your textbook.

1) What concept, model or theory did you choose for this exercise?

For this exercise I chose demand-withdrawal pattern of conflict management. According to the textbook, it is one characteristic of an avoidant conflict management style. After comparing all five conflict management styles I came to a conclusion that my spouse often withdraws from conflicts when I make demands. Therefore, it led me to believe that her principal conflict management style in our relationship is avoidance.

2) Describe, with sufficient detail, an instance from your life where you can apply this concept, model or theory to your interaction with another person.

My wife has a complicated relationship with her twin sister. They are identical twins with completely opposite personalities. Her twin sister is great at manipulating people and getting what she needs. My wife, on the other hand, is an other-oriented
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Despite of being right in my accusations of her sister’s ingenuine behavior, every time I demand that my wife tries to see the true side of the story, she keeps quiet and avoids confrontation. As follows, I become extremely irritated and annoyed by her withdrawal from the conflict. According to the book, the person using the avoidance conflict style wishes the problem or conflict would go away by itself and appears uninterested in managing the conflict or in meeting the needs of the other person involved in the disagreement. As a positive side of her conflict management style in this particular situation by withdrawing she does not allow me gunny-sacking, that only leads to increasing tension, escalating emotions, and reducing listening effectiveness, as mentioned in the textbook. However, by not resolving this issue the tension in relationship with my spouse builds
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