8.3 Identify Motivation Factors

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The A Motivation - 8.3 Identify motivation factors One has to understand the basics of motivation and how they impact human lives. Motivation is different for different people. One person may be motivated by financial rewards whereas another person may be motivated by some area where his passion or hobby lies. It becomes very important for individuals and organizations to understand the motivation factors. It will help to understand people better and motivate them by addressing their motivational factors. If a person is motivated by financial rewards, a suitable milestone can be set so that he will get motivated to achieve it. If another group of people like travelling as their hobby a ‘vacation package’ as a reward will be a good incentive to motivate them. Motivation can be of different types. There will be internal factors and external factors that motivate a person. In personal motivation, the motivation for the need satisfaction arises from within the person. On the other hand, in case of external motivation factors, the motivation can be stimulated by external factors like people and other circumstances or events. There are always many factors that are responsible for the way people get motivated to achieve the various goals they aspire to fulfill. Motivation is very important as it is one of the factors that lead to people performing well and achieving success. Success can be achieved around personal goals as well as in our businesses and the workplace we work. People

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