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Starting on page 68,the Temple of Tilantongo appears once again, but this time its followed by the image of 8-Deer on the day 5-House. He is dressed with his military jaguar suit, standing on the top of the Mountain of the Petate. On the next image we see 12-Movement standing on the Mountain of 52 Sticks, on the day 6-Lizard. Just like 8-Deer, 12-Movement also wears a warrior suit, as if they seem to be ready for a battle. Both brothers are joined by two other men, one who stands on the Mountain of the Three Gold Rings, known as 2-Monkey. The other man stands on a lake wearing the death mask. On the following page, 8-Deer goes to the Mountain of the Temple to make an offering of chocolate. In front of 8-Deer, a jaguar and an eagle are fighting…show more content…
I’m not sure if both brothers were conquering the mountain together or if 8-Deer was the one that killed his brother. On page 76b, there are many images of men, who hold their weapons and face 8-Deer. They aren’t kneeling, so they could be against 8-Deer or they could either be part of his alliance. In the middle of page 79, 8-Deer meets with 4-Jaguar, on the Temple of Red and Gold. He then continues to collaborate with 3-Monkey. On page 80, 8-Deer visits the god of the sun, which appears to be 4-Jaguar, on the day 6-Jaguar.
8-Deer send someone to kill his brother. On the bottom right hand corner of page 80, we see the murder of 12-Movement inside of a sweat bath. They then cremate the body of 12-Movement and for the first year, people make him offerings. After his brothers murder, on page 83 we see how 8-Deer goes on a vengeance to kill 6-Monkey and her kids, except for the youngest child. On the last page of the Codex there is a sacrifice. This page has fewer colors, than the rest of the pages. This could be that it was never quite finished or someone different added that last part of the story as a side

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