8 Effects Of Fast Food On The Body Essay

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8 Effects of Fast Food on the Body
Fast food meals are alright when you’re not guilty of having them as often as you’d like to admit. Indulging in your cravings is fine every now and then, but it’s a different story when you hit the drive-thru many times in a week. Fast food being delicious and convenient may be very appealing considering people’s fast-paced lifestyles, but you have to think long-term, such as what is it going to do with your body and overall health? Not good for sure.
Here are 8 effects of fast food on the body:
1. Sugar & fat
Most fast food meals have added sugar, which means extra calories, but little nutrition. The recommended intake of added sugar per day is 100 to 150 calories, which is about 6-9 teaspoons. The bad
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These acids can disintegrate tooth enamel. When it vanishes, bacteria can take hold, triggering cavities to form. Additionally, weight issues can result to bone density and muscle mass problems. People who are overweight and obese have a greater risk for falling and breaking bones.
8. Digestive health
Many fast food meals and drinks contain large amounts of carbs with minimal fiber. When your gut digests these foods, the carbs are secreted as glucose or sugar into the blood stream, which causes your blood sugar to increase. Your pancreas then reacts to the pouring of glucose by secreting insulin, which is the one that transports sugar throughout your body to cells requiring it for energy. As the body utilizes or preserves the sugar, your blood sugar level becomes stable again.
This process is controlled by your body. As long as you’re in good health, you can expect your organs to manage these sugar surges. However, constant eating of fast food meals means lots of carbs, which leads to repetitive spikes in your blood sugar. Eventually, these sudden increases in your insulin may cause your body’s normal insulin response to waver. After all, your body isn’t designed to deal with consistent carbs overload. This then boosts your risk for weight gain, insulin resistance, and type 2

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