8 Reasons Celebrity Culture Is Bad For Society

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It seems to be the case that the average American citizen is obsessed with celebrities. Many love looking at the social media accounts of famous people they admire, and tabloids and gossip magazines are at every grocery counter, as if they are hoping you will buy them and update yourself on the latest dramatic breakup between two talentless pop stars. Is this sort of culture beneficial? The answer is no. Celebrity culture is not beneficial to either the public or the celebrity in any way. Rather, it damages both parties by giving those who are deemed to be “celebrities” an untrue sense of entitlement and superiority, as well as giving the “common folk” a certain mindset that to be important, they only need act as outrageously as possible, and not worry about morality or possessing actual skill at what they…show more content…
Seeing all these people who have had fame and wealth handed to them on a silver platter for no reason but doing something completely bizarre or scandalous makes people think the wrong way- that to be successful, they only have to draw as much attention as possible. This is something hinted at in the article “8 Reasons Celebrity Culture is Bad For Society,” which states, “TV has made a major shift towards telling kids that the thing they want to be when they grow up is famous. A UCLA study found that as of 2007 ‘fame was the number one value communicated to preteens on popular TV.’ The majority of kids didn’t care what they got famous for, just that they got super famous as fast as they possibly could.” This is preaching quantity over quality of your deeds, in a sense. Kids will give up on having legitimate dreams and goals and start considering only the elusive possibility of being “famous”. So, everywhere these kids go, they only try to draw attention to themselves, worrying little about whether what they are doing is something positive or
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