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Purpose The purpose of this research project was to find out how each of these rocks break down with the addition of the water cycle as well as temperature changes. My parents graciously took me to Penn’s cave, noticing the karst topography, I was fascinating how things can come apart then come back together to be created. It was fascinating to see the creation process and the pressure from the precipitation and the climate it outs pressure onto the rocks in our environment with taking 80 rocks and exposed them to multiple cycles of freezing and thawing with the addition of water in the freezing. Also, at the end of the freeze and thaw process, I placed the rocks out at room temperature to dry them out then I placed them into the oven to dry them out completely. Hypothesis The researcher’s hypothesis is the granite will break down the least amount …show more content…

2.) The researcher must label all of the 80 cups with the type of rock and what number rock it is, for example, Corundum 1. 3.) After labeling the cups the researcher must fill each cup will approximately 1.10 milliliters of tap water. 4.) Place each rock in the water in the cup. 5.) Carefully place each cup of water onto the tray and place in freezer with a temperature less than or equal to 0˚ C. 6.) Let water around rock freeze 7.) Take out rocks and let them unfreeze 8.) Repeat steps 5-7 25 times. 9.) Take rocks out of water and set to dry out on paper towels. 10.) Once dry, measure the mass of each rock (or the largest piece) on the balance once more for the final mass. 11.) Last, calculate the percentage off the rock from the

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