806-01 Extension Set: A Case Study

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As you know, In an effort to improve our product line we have made the recommendation to offer a new version of our extension set. This new version is different from the old one because it has a plastic slide clamp only. It is our expectation, however, that this difference will be sufficient enough to bring about an increase in sales. We now only need to wait for the hospitals to complete their evaluation of it. Unfortunately, it appears that we are currently encountering more than usual difficulty in obtaining the necessary number of hospitals that are required the evaluation of our Extension Set 806-01, RE-0487 with the plastic slide clamp. Worrying about this, only seven hospitals in the group has now made the decision to perform an evaluation of this product and approximately nine or ten evaluation hospitals are required in order to achieve the purpose of assessing the functional use of the new plastic side clamp.…show more content…
There is no clamp on our first version of the Extension Set, many of the hospitals are currently making use of this set without the addition of the clamp on a satisfactory basis. Several hospitals we have contacted have even objected to utilization of the set with clamp and they have the decision not to perform an evaluation of the product. Moreover and in addition to this our district manager, whom we must rely on to locate willing hospital coordinators, are presently away on vacation. Considering the time required to contact the remaining hospitals we do not anticipate completion of the evaluation until the date of July 8th. A preliminary report will be submitted on June 15th, however, based on returns received by the

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