80's Fashion

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1980’s Fashion - A Unique Look into the Past
When you think of the 80’s, what are some things that come into your head? Perhaps you think of Ronald Reagan, neon colors, or Michael Jackson (“80’s Fashion”). The people of the 80’s liked to wear very flashy clothes in order to be different from their parents who grew up in the drab 70’s (“80’s Fashion”). Without this need to be different, maybe the 80’s wouldn’t have been so drawing to the eye. The factors that made the 1980’s a truly unique decade are clothing and jewelry, hairstyles, and fashion icons. Crazy clothes and jewelry were typical to see when you would walk down the street in the 1980’s. Bright and loud are two exceptional words to describe the entire decade, where neon colors ran
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However, shoulder pads were invented in the 1940’s, though they weren’t very popular. They came back with a vengeance in the 80’s, becoming sewed into many jackets, blouses, suits, and so on (“80’s Fashion”). Then, there was the jewelry fads, such as dookie chains, four finger rings, and huge earring. (“80”s Jewelry”). Dookie chains were large and bulky, often covered in gold plating (“80’s Jewelry”). Four finger rings were similar to brass knuckles, and were worn as an intimidation factor (“80’s Jewelry”). Huge earrings were worn for style and intimidation (“80’s Jewelry”). These, among many other clothing pieces, are what truly made the 80’s a unique…show more content…
Without the 80’s, fashion today might still be drab and grey (“80’s Fashion”). The 80’s introduced fashion that was gold and glamorous, leading people to find better ways to express themselves through clothing (“80’s Fashion”). Sure, we don’t wear exactly the same styles today, and this is because the 80’s was truly a decade separated from all others. No other decade has the same vivid colors represented by both Madonna and Michael Jackson. This is why the 1980’s are unique in their own extra special
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