Physical Androgyny In The 80's

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The music scene during the 1980s in England was filled with experimental, talented and popular artists such as Boy George, Pet Shop Boys and Men at Work. It was a decade filled with revolution and flair. Many artists wanted to express who they were through their music, whether it was punk, pop or rock. Among them was the iconic David Bowie who expressed his beliefs with the help of androgyny in his stage presence. Androgyny is being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behavior. Androgyny in the 80s music scene influenced artists to use their stage presence to express themselves and their identity. They stood out from other artists who had no set Physical androgyny, showing neither distinguishably masculine…show more content…
Much of the entertainment that came out of the decade were crossing boundaries and entering a whole new wave of ideas and the music brought it all together. The fashion that is considered popular at any given time always relies on the fads and interests of the public. With artists such as Annie Lennox, the lead singer of the pop duo, The Eurythmics, both men and women were inspired to abandon the gender norms for how they dressed and this reflected largely on the runways where men and women were hard to tell apart. With pop and punk music being popular it was easy for the idols to spread their ideas and become influential to the…show more content…
They became the legends they are for a reason, they were able to take a concept that had been used for years especially in the music industry and gave it purpose. The new age of idols and pop stars who geer towards incorporating their androgynous fashion or characteristics into their stage presence look to Annie Lennox, Boy George and especially David Bowie. Androgyny in the 80s music scene helped artists and their stage presence to help express to the public their
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