8th Grade Experience Essay

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I had many fun experiences in 8th grade. Although I am very excited to move on to highschool, I will miss 8th grade as well. I learned many things in 8th grade. I learned a lot about U.S. history and I found physics very interesting. Algebra and Spanish, the two high school classes that I took this year were quite challenging but very rewarding. Hanging out with my friends in P.E. was one of the best things throughout the year. In English I had lots of fun reading different novels and short stories. Watching the movie of things we read was great because it helped me visualize, compare, and understand the story better. Even though I learned many things in class, one of the most important things I learned was time management. In 8th grade…show more content…
Math has been one of my favorite subjects and I really liked Algebra this year as well. Although Spanish was the hardest class I have ever took, I learned it is fun to learn new languages. It may sound weird but, running has become something that I like to do and I am trying to start a habit of running everyday. Reading books has become one of my main pastimes this year because of the reading that we did in English. Call of The Wild and The Outsiders was very fun to read especially with my classmates because it was interesting how many people had different views of things in the book. The kahoot reviews were my favorite thing in English this year. It helped us do well on the test and it was very exciting to compete with my classmates. I feel that I have improved a lot at writing essays as well. I really liked the notes and guidelines that we got because it helped guide me write my essay step by step. Every time I wrote an essay in this class I felt like I was improving. Finally some advice for incoming 8th graders. 8th grade is a very fun year and even though it may seem hard at the beginning, as you get used to it you will learn many things. Time management is very important and make sure to do your homework before playing
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