8th Grade Farewell Research Paper

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The moment had finally come. After my father’s innumerable years of hard work and dedication he was placed in a room brimming with people, ready to take one of the hardest tests he’d ever taken, the Bar Examination. My father was well prepared for this test and, nonetheless, very eager to pass. Despite the fact my dad was the one taking the test, on the whole other side of the state, my mother, even more eager, was at home, on her frequented prayer rug, praying that my father would pass. She once told me that she had never supplicated for something harder and longer, than for this. When my father eventually passed, they owed it all to her prayers. Within all of his graciousness, my family owes this amazing moment of triumph all to prayer.
I believe in the power of prayer. That no matter the circumstance, if I pray hard enough for something, then my request will be granted. There has been many miraculous moments in my life to support this belief, each
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When I heard these words announced by the principal of Bryant at the time, Ms. Peterson, I was in awe. I wanted to be just like my brother. When I was in the 8th grade, I wanted to do the 8th grade farewell speech. This goal of mine was never forgotten, and when the end of my 8th grade year came around I submitted the best speech I had ever written before in great hopes that it would get selected. I handed it in with much anxiety and fear that my goal would not be accomplished. The only thing I thought that could bring me peace was prayer, so I prayed countless times, begging on the same prayer rug my mom had used, that my speech gets selected. Me personally, had never prayed for something more, and was never more wanting of anything. When the best news I ever had heard was announced, that my speech was selected, it dawned on me that my never ending prayers worked. That my constant begging was answered. I could only owe it to the power of

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