8th Grade Graduation Narrative Essay

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I woke up one day and I was shaking. I was shaking because today I got up in front of the crowd to get my diploma. My 8th grade graduation was today! I could not walk, or speak. Stuff went through my head, “Am I going to have to speak in public? Will everyone laugh at me for doing a mistake?” I was terrified but excited. I did not know how to describe it, Territed? I graduated with luck and it will never happen again.
I woke up really nervous and did not know what to do. I was shaking as I had never done before. Today was the last day of middle school. Even though I was afraid I knew I was going to make the best out of my last day. In went through my morning routine and went to Graduation. We practiced for the real ceremony and went through the whole graduation twice. It was the quickest day because when we were done we were able to go home. We finished around 10.30 and everyone else was still in school. When we went back to school for the real graduation, we had soda and pizza right before. Then …show more content…

My parents and I were so happy. My parents let me choose what to eat and I said tortas. I sadly had to go to sleep at around 10pm. I could not sleep though, I just played games until I got tired which was at around 2:00am. It was the best day ever.
It was a Saturday when I woke up the next day and we ate breakfast. After that we went to get bolillos and we cooked them into tortas of grilled beef(carne asada). It was the best weekend ever. Though when it was over it was all boring but I realized something really important.
This graduation has inspired my present identity. It also motivates me to stop assaults just thinking no parents were there, the doors were wide opened, and the music was so loud no one would hear. Anyone could have walked in and take kids. Not all kids luckily graduate. I loved this graduation and there are many more to come. I know the next one will be better than the first

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