8th Grade Should Be Taught The Holocaust Essay

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Many people don’t know about the Holocaust or only know that it happened during the time of WW2. The Holocaust was the mass massacre 6 million of Jews and other minorities in Europe by the Nazi regime. Some people might not want their kids to be taught this in 8th grade because they believe that their children’s minds will be polluted by thoughts of killing and extended torture. Students in 8th grade should definitely be taught about the Holocaust because it is necessary to teach them to learn from history and never judge anyone by their race, and finally explain to them that being silent towards others suffering can lead to mass destruction over a period of time. Firstly, the students need to aware of and understand the magnitude of the massacre. The lack of information could lead to many misconceptions. For example, in the Jim Keegstra case of 1985-1992, Keegstra was claimed to have taught students that, “an International Jewish Conspiracy is working to destroy Christianity and create a new world government based in Israel.” (Calgary Herald)These type of ideas can create confusion in young people’s minds and make them think that it never occurred. They should be taught the whole aspect and realize that not all German people were Nazis. Critics claim…show more content…
They should be taught the Holocaust because people have a tendency to only care about themselves and usually turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to problems that don’t affect them. The Holocaust will teach them that because of the many millions of bystanders and bigots, the mass murders of 6 million of the 9.5 million Jews in Europe occurred. Also the students should be taught the Holocaust in the 8th grade so they can develop an understanding of it that gets magnified in high school. The mass murders that occurred in Germany were egregious and should never happen again, and teaching the kids will be a big step in doing
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