9-1-One Child Observation Paper Examples

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On Wednesday, 06/15/2016 at approximately 1611 hours, Jackson County Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call for an ambulance. The caller wanted an ambulance for a 2 year old boy that nearly drowned. The location of the incident was at the Spring Arbor subdivision beach area, which was located at the end of Spring Arbor Dr. Carbondale, Jackson County, Illinois. The mother of the boy was performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while 9-1-1 was called. I, Deputy Stacy Stark #1815, responded to the call. The Jackson County Ambulance Service (JCAS) arrived on scene and transported the child and the mother prior to my arrival. I observed the JCAS traveling with lights and sirens, north on Giant City Rd near School House Rd on my way to the scene.…show more content…
Carter (F/W, DOB: 09/24/1983). Michelle was holding her son, the victim, Harlow Sage Pearson (M/W, DOB: 08/01/2014) in the bed while I spoke with her. Michelle brought her three children and friends to the lake to swim. Michelle stated she and her friend, Rebecca A. Rothchild (F/W, DOB: 03/30/1980) were sitting on a blanket on the sandy beach area. There was a designated swim area at the beach. The swim area was marked off with buoys. There were 7 children Michelle and Rebecca were watching over. All children were playing in the area. Carter looked around and did not see Harlow anywhere. Michelle yelled out to her other son, Cameron E. Carter (M/W, DOB: 01/07/2004), “Where’s Harlow?” Michelle screamed out Harlow’s name. Cameron pointed to where he last saw Harlow. Michelle could see Harlow’s feet in the water. Michelle ran into the water and grabbed Harlow. Michelle said the area where Harlow was found was rocky and slippery. The water depth dropped off suddenly. Michelle said the water depth was over her head. Michelle carried Harlow out of the water. Harlow was blue and lifeless. Michelle began CPR immediately and yelled for someone to call 9-1-1. Michelle said Harlow threw up water, began crying, and his color returned slowly. Michelle said Harlow had asthma. Harlow was just in a St. Louis hospital in April 2016 for contracting a bad virus. Michelle could not remember the name of her…show more content…
and drove to Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to call Rebecca. Rebecca and her 3 children had left the scene. Rebecca returned home to her residence in Herrin, Illinois. Rebecca said she brought her 3 children. They were 20 months old, 7 years old, and 12 years old. Rebecca and Michelle were lying on the blanket on the sandy beach. In front of them was the swim area marked off by rope and buoys. Rebecca said her 20 month old and 7 year old children were playing right beside her. Rebecca had been taking pictures with her cell phone and was reviewing them. She believed Michelle may have been looking at her cell phone as well. Rebecca said Michelle shouted to Cameron asking him where Harlow was. Immediately, everyone started searching the area. To the west of the area where they were sitting on the blanket, you could see feet and arms flailing in the water. Cameron and Michelle went to grab Harlow out of the water. Michelle carried Harlow out of the water and immediately began CPR. Rebecca called 9-1-1. Rebecca said Harlow was blue and lifeless. While Rebecca was on the cell phone with 9-1-1, Harlow vomited and started coughing. After the JCAS arrived and left, Rebecca packed up all of Michelle’s property and placed them in Michelle’s vehicle. Rebecca then packed up all of her belongings and gathered her children and left. Rebecca drove home. Rebecca was unsure how long Harlow was under water. It

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