9/11 Address To The Nation Speech Analysis

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George W. Bush’s “9/11 Address to the Nation” was a speech given after the tragic event that occurred on September 11th. He addressed this speech to the people of America on the night of the tragic event, highlighting how Americas freedom was attacked. Bush sent out special forces to find out who was responsible for this, so they can give them the punishment they deserve. The speech was to commemorate the lives lost in the incident, as well as to show that the United States is a strong, bright country. In the speech president Bush used metaphor to compare how the United States is a strong country. “They cannot dent the steel of American resolve” (Bush 1) emphasizes that the terrorists can dent the steel in the buildings but they cannot not dent the overall steel of America. “They cannot…show more content…
President Bush used personification to mourn the victims that were involved with the tragedy. “For the children whose world has been shattered” (Bush 2) gives characteristics to a world being shattered for not just the kids but for all of the people that were effected by the incident. Not only did the world of kids shatter but so did the worlds of many, many adults. Friends, family members, neighbors, spouses, and really close related people were lost due to the terrorists trying to make a statement and impose fear into the people of the United States. The two rhetorical devices that President Bush attributed into the speech of 9-11 focuses on the mourning of the victims and the strength of the United States. Bush demonstrated that with the use of metaphor and personification. Using the metaphor, he compared America to steel saying that America is like steel but can’t be bent. Personification was used to mourn the victims giving the traits of shattering to the world. World meaning the persons everything, that their whole world was that person and their passing away shows their world being
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