Post 9/11: Global War On Terrorism

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11th September 2001(or 9/11) has been significant date for Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) when Washington and New York were attacked by terrorist. The attacks have caused 2,996 casualties and at least USD10 billion of property and infrastructure damage excluded incalculable of fall of global market. The perpetrators of the attack turn out to be Arabs acting in the name of their religious faith. 9/11 marks something new whereby United States of America was able to influence its allies to confront Islamic extremism lead by Al-Qaeda.

Following 9/11, we have seen the establishment of South-East Asia particularly in Malay Archipelago as the second front in GWOT instead from Afghanistan and Middle-East. By the
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However, the JI was first exposed before the first Bali Bombing incident took place when initial arrest of 13 of its operatives in early 2001 following the discovery of failure Singapore bomb plots. The JI had planned a major series of terror attacks in Singapore targeting Western embassies, several key of US interest and local military…show more content…
Even though Jemaah Islamiah has been almost paralyzed by the authorities for the last decades, with the re-enlisting by the US and Australian government in the list of terror groups, definitely JI is still relevant to be one of the terrorist group to be reckon off. Information and evidence seized in operations against JI linked suspects since 2010 proves JI poses threat and intent to use aggression to attain its goals. According to Kennimrod Sariburaja, JI still poses a threat in the South-East Asia region via its available links and cooperation with other terrorist groups, in particular Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). Thus, JI are assessed to continue to plan to conduct terrorist attacks in the
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