9/11 Attacks: Jim Jones And The Jonestown Massacre

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Before the sights of the 9/11 attacks, the Jonestown massacre was the largest loss of U.S. civilian lives through a non-natural disaster. The mastermind and leader of this, Jim Jones, was a man born in rural Indiana on May 31, 1931. In Jones early 20s, he began to work as a Christian minister in Indianapolis. He was a self-oriented minister that just worked in small churches or smaller churches. Instead of moving from church to church, Jones wanted to settle down and run his own church. However, Jones did not have enough money to start his own church, so he went from door to door trying to different things. One of Jones's ideas was selling live monkeys, which I thought was very interesting. When he finally got enough money to open his church,…show more content…
The People's Temple Church even helped the needy by hosting programs that they would benefit from. The People's Temple Church offered them a place to eat, legal help if they needed it, and even rehabilitation services so they wouldn't be addicted anymore. The People's Temple Church even attracted a new group of young followers as Jones preached of social equality and racial justice. This made his church grow exponentially in this time era. However, stuff started leaking out about Jones and the People's Temple Church. Jones was starting to become a criminal and beat him followers and if they had children, he might have even asked for custody of them. He even took people's belongings and homes. As the media began to flock over him, he became more and more paranoid. Because of all this attention, he started walking around with tinted sunglasses and he also had personal bodyguards that walked with him as well. To get away from all the media, Jones and his church moved Guyana. The first time any of the followers went was in 1974 when a small group went to establish the agricultural and make sure that there were resources that were…show more content…
After his people had came together in the pavilion, he told them that they were going to commit a revolutionary act. At some point before he ordered the revolutionary act, he was able to get a jeweler’s license. With this, he stockpiled cyanide. The children were the first ones to die, followed by the adults. Some of the things that were used to kill the children were powdered fruit juice, sedatives, and cyanide. There were adults and nurses that stuck the needles and syringes into the kid's throat. Adults didn't get that luxury and they had to basically drink poison in the main pavilion. The pavilion was surrounded by Jones’s soldiers so there was no turning back for anyone who came into the pavilion. Most likely, Jones was sitting in a chair monitoring the situation and making sure that everything went smoothly. While he was sitting there, I would presume that he would be giving his last speech in front of his people. Jones was then found shot in the head, most likely self-inflicted. While this was going on, some other Peoples Temple members were outside the compound and didn't know that Jones’s had given that

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