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4.5. The Pentagon The hole that was left after American Airlines Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon was much smaller than the actual commercial plane. The plane was 125 feet long, however the hole left behind was 16 feet long, which lead a lot of people to question whether it was in fact the plane that crashed into the pentagon or was it hit by a foreign object and was made to look like a plane. 4.6. United Airlines Flight 93 Despite the cockpit recordings implying that the passengers fought, overpowered the terrorist and eventually crashed the plane into the ground, people think that the plane was actually shot down. One reason for this theory is that the actual crash site had very little debris, which showed no evidence of a plane crash. All that was left behind was a big crater. Nevertheless, authorities found some debris 10 miles away from the crash site. Which would support this theory, as if the plane was in fact shot it would have started exploding in the air and debris would have been spreed out by 10 miles. Some even claim to have seen a military plane fly by right after the crash. 4.7. Phone calls from United Airlines Flight 93 Another thing that had scientists scratching their heads was how passengers on the…show more content…
These recorders are near-indestructible instruments. According to the 9 /11 commission Report, no recording devices were ever found at the World Trade Center crash site. However on September 14th a paramedic and firefighter did discover two damaged black boxes among the wreckage. A source from the National Transportation Safety Board has also spoken out, claiming that it helped analyze the very boxes that the FBI claimed are missing. Conspiracy theorists believe that the reason why US intelligence want to conceal this vital information is because this is further proof that 9/11 was an inside

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