9/11 Cause And Effect

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The causes and effects of 9/11 on America and its people On september 11th 2001, I was in preschool when the first and second plane hit. My dad was at work, and my mom was on the way to drop off my sister at her school. Now the question is, where were you?
The hijackings
The first ever hijacking was in Peru in 1931 (Hijacking, n.p.) and the first US Hijacking was on May 1, 1961 when a florida-bound plane was taken to Cuba (Hijacking, n.p.) Another attack on the twin towers before 9/11 occurred on 2/26/1993 when a bomb was placed in the back of a van and driven to the base of the Twin Towers and exploded, about 6 people were killed, but thousands were injured (Langley, 42). The government ignored warnings when Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, had made a statement on the subject of using aircraft in an attack against the US but it wasn’t taken seriously(Langley, 69).There were 19 hijackers in total, 5 being in each plane except for the one that crashed into Pennsylvania which had 4 hijackers in it (Langley, 20) AA Flight 11 was the plane that hit the northern tower
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The rising threat of terrorism went ignored by the US government when Osama threatened use of aircraft in an attack against the US (Langley, 69), and because the US wouldn’t acknowledge this, Osama naively believed that america was weak (September 11 attacks, n.p.) and stated that it is a muslim duty to kill americans (Langley, 44), America only makes it worse by trying to kill Osama, making it look like americans really are a threat to Islam (Langley,
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