9/11 Causes And Effects

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Remarkable events always leave immense impacts on history, same as the September 11 attacks. American was the primary casualty of this event. Both positive and negative effects followed the event. In fact, many the fields were involved in its aftermath. From security to politics, business to the economy, building reconstruction to recovering psychological trauma , they passed a harsh reforming period to reinforce society. On September 11, 2001, one of the greatest terrorist attack happened at New York City and Washington, D.C., Americans mind were following with the World Trade Center fell down, collapsed. United State surely strengthened their security system included the airports, immigration, domestic policies, and trust in government.…show more content…
In fact, the War on Terror was the greatest public spending ever in American history. Afghanistan and Iraq war were the most expensive and cost beyond $4 trillion. A gigantic part of the money were spending on equipment used in the wars — replacement of newest technology weapons and military supplies. President Bush put $20.8 billion in the Afghanistan war with $14.5 billion post-war effort and $53 billion in the Iraq war (About Money). Nearly $134 billion was spent on medical treatment for disability and suffered from anxiety, depression and physical patients due to 2011 (Shah, Sabir. US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion). The stock market also had a crash on the September 11 that forced to close for four days. As U.S. economy expert Kimberly Amadeo written, “The Dow promptly fell 7.13%, closing at 8,920.70. The 617.78 point loss was the Dow's worst one-day drop ever… until October 9, 2002, when it closed at 7,286.27, a 37.8% decline from its peak… until the Dow hit a higher low on March 11, 2003, closing at 7,524.06. Unemployment continued to climb until June 2003, when it reached 6% -- the peak for that recession” (How the 9/11 Attacks Still Affect the Economy Today). Additionally,the hijacked two airplane companies, American Airlines, and United Airlines were disastrous. Both companies tumbled about 40 percent after the closure of stock market. American Airlines stock move downward…show more content…
American Red Cross assist the vulnerable during the attack, providing meals, giving money, donating all blood types, and volunteering for reconstruction. The organization received 1,592,295 blood donation from the whole country, granted 3,165 checks to 2,776 families in total $54.3 million ( Financial assistance following the September 11 attacks ). "I see the Red Cross, which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars that was intended by the donating public to be used for the victims of September 11 -- I see those funds being sequestered into long-term plans for an organization," testified New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. "What's at issue here was that a special fund was established for these families. It was specially funded for this event, September 11," said Rep. Billy Tauzin, R-Louisiana. People who experienced the September 11 attack were standing out for acknowledging the dedication of American Red Cross, the CNN
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