9/11 Conspiracy Theory Analysis

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5. Reasoning the theories

The official story was that Osama bin Laden was the terrorist mastermind behind the attack, but some believe 9/11 was a smokescreen for a far bigger American conspiracy and that the Bush administration is the one, behind the vicious attack.

5.1. Justifying war

The events of 9/11 ultimately led to war against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and allowed the United States access to Iraq’s most prized commodity, oil. America declared war on Iraq to gain control of Iraq’s oil but in order to do so it had to cover up its track.
Within weeks of the devastating 9/11 attacks, Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was named as the perpetrator. But many believe that Bin Laden was just a convenient fall guy, as he already was on the FBI’s most wanted list for the bombing of the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, where he killed over 200 people. In 1998, he issued a fatwa against America. However, it is very strange that he did not step forward in the wake of the biggest attack ever on American soil, despite being interviewed multiple times and constantly denying having
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The World Trade Center was a government owned building until July 24th, 2001, when Silverstein acquired the leasehold of it. The deal was worth 3.2 billion dollars and one of the lease obligations was that he was required to rebuild the World Trade Center in case the buildings were demolished. He immediately drew up new insurance polices for the buildings and changed the standard policy on them and inserted a new clause insuring the buildings against terrorist attacks similar to the one that happened on 9/11. This is the reason why many speculate that he had prior knowledge to seize the opportunity and buy the first private lease on the World Trade Center. In the aftermath of 9/11, Silverstein put in a claim 7.1 billions but was awarded 4.5 billion in insurance

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