9/11 Criminal Justice

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9/11, Criminal Justice Agencies and Homeland Security Thirteen years, two months and eight days have passed since September 11. Still, the remnants of a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers lingers among the public’s mind. Security has been beefed up with extreme standards, stressing the safety of the American public from eminent attacks. This has also created a boost in awareness to suspicious activities and personnel. To some, the ignorance is stronger than most because of the belief that the actions committed on 9/11 were meaningless, that it didn’t change a thing in American society. Unfortunately, 9/11 changed everything, but in the end, it was for the greater good. Since then, the actions from September 11 have created a positive …show more content…

As time elapsed from September 11, 2001, the public began to break ideas about who was to blame for the attacks on September 11. A vast majority believed that the 9/11 attacks were solely to blame from the Islamist radical group, Al-Qaeda, a terrorist regime that sought to rebel against western civilization norms and enact their hate among the United States. The other idea, which is highly noted as a conspiracy theory, was that government knew the terrorist attacks were likely to happen and the only reason the government took a back seat was to conduct a reason to mobilize troops into the war-riddled Middle East. Whether the public believed either or, a paranoia was created, later to be recognized as Post-9/11 Paranoia. This paranoia would harbor certain ideals in American brains, creating a specific view and caution for certain areas, actions and personnel. With such paranoia, the public, more specifically, higher officials, demanded more security advancements in order to ensure safety and surveillance against suspicious activity. Seth M. Low wrote in his article, The Erosion of Public Space and the Public Realm, “Before 9/11, when designers talked about …show more content…

For example, the New York City Police Department currently employees close to 50,000 police officers. The reason for such a high employment rate is simple; crime has to be stopped and the people need to be protected. Since September 11, 2001, the government knew that an attack on American soil was definite and the people were at risk. The answer would have to be an increase in all criminal justice agencies, allowing more trained officers/agents to protect, investigate and prevent against crime and terroristic threats among the American public. This would also imply that all intel needs to be passed on through all law enforcement agencies for efficient safety. One tactic all law enforcement agencies use today is Total Information Sharing. A writer from the ISE network wrote regarding the new sharing information tactic, “Law enforcement information sharing has expanded significantly across all levels of government, improving law enforcement 's ability to detect, prevent, and respond to acts of terrorism. The sharing of law enforcement information is not a single integrated process. Rather, it cuts across business processes in multiple communities and at all levels of government. But these seemingly unrelated efforts share many features in common. A fundamental component of effective

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