9-11 Historical Analysis

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The reason that historians differ on the causes, effects, and who was responsible for “historical events” is because memory is reconstructive and unreliable. Therefore the written history of 9-11 is affected by bias because the writers, children, and adults memories are affected by the schemas of each one’s individual culture. This can change the recollection of 9-11 and other traumatic events. Memories linked to 9-11 differ between different cultures. This is the case because 9-11 has had a significantly different impact of people's memories of the event due to their varying regions and cultures of the world. Schemas are humans thoughts or processes about anything. Therefore, every human being has a different schema creating various…show more content…
Varying memories about 9-11 differ between people that have been told of it from another person's point of view or what it is written in a history book. Differing memories of the 9-11 link to written accounts of history because the history is based off a person’s remembrance of that event, or the re-telling of an event. Although, History is not exactly infallible or reliable in all areas that we study because it comes from someone’s schema, and that schema could be culturally/religiously biased. For example, if a person from 9-11 were asked to describe 9-11 and the event, history could be written off that person's thoughts. Thus, the history would not be infallible or unreliable in these specific events. Although someone could ask another person who was not in 9-11, but saw the event, their re-telling of the history could be infallible, because they did not have direct experience within the event. If a person was directly in the 9-11 event their memories could be used for written history, but their cultural/personal schemas could not affect the infallibility of the written work. If a person who was not directly in the 9-11 event their memories could affect the written accounts of history, because their cultural/personal schemas about the events could be infallible. For example, if a person from America was telling the about the events of 9-11, their words would not be infallible to another American or to the media, because he is simply from America, and that person knows more about 9-11 than anyone else. But, if Chinese person were to talk about 9-11, the media and historians might not believe that person’s facts are reliable to have history written, because it is based on their personal schemas and where that person is

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