9/11 Impact On Society

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The terrorist attack on September 11th, 2001, was more devastating to the United States than Pearl Harbor. More lives were lost when the towers fell then when the Japanese attacked United States in Hawaii. The difference between the attacks was 9/11 was against civilians, not the military. No one could’ve imagined anything good or productive coming out of these terrorist attacks. The shear lost of life and destruction staggered the mind. Through it all, America endured and found some silver lining in the dark clouds. The terrorists attacks of September 11th have had a positive impact on American society today. September 11th, 2001, started out like any other day, little did the Nation know that it would come under attack by a group of terrorist.…show more content…
The Bush Administration created the Department of Homeland Security in 2002, a cabinet-level office that merged 22 government agencies ("How 9/11"). It was created to keep America safe inside and outside of its borders through strict guidelines and policies. This department handles everything from antiterrorism to preventing and aiding in disasters. Homeland Security’s main job is to protect the country from terrorist attacks. As part of Homeland Security, American defense and military agencies more than doubled. The U.S. also opened Guantanamo Bay, which was a high secured prison for suspected terrorist ("How 9/11"). If this organization had been around before the attacks of September 11th, 2001 it may have been…show more content…
Blood drives in the days that followed overflowed with people donating their blood. Americans wanted to know what they could do to help. During this time Americans put aside their differences in the face of adversity. We weren’t divided by race or political beliefs, but now saw each other as Americans. Another positive outcome from September 11th was all the charitable acts. Families and friends of the victims created all kinds of organizations to help better people’s lives. One of the many nonprofit organizations that was created was the Feel Good Foundation. People organized bike rallies to raise money to help people in need after a disaster like 9/11. A well known bike rally is The Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund. Also there was a book published that all the profits are being donated to the Red Cross to help Future victims. "The Blue Skies of Autumn" ("9 Ways"). All of the charities bring people together and help us remember the people that were lost on 9/11. All the events they sponsor, raise money for good causes and help give back to communities. The people of the United States wanted to find a way to remember September 11th. Five people came up with the idea to shine lights into the air to in place of the towers, and the two lights are there to represent them. The first time these lights were shown was in March and the ran until April. They now shine the lights yearly on September 11th. They also
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