9/11: Japan's Attack On Pearl Harbor

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“The attack on Pearl Harbor was a terrorist attack,” (Attack on Pearl Harbor.USA people search (2015) stated). It was the most pernicious attack known the Americans before 9/11 occurred. December 7, 1941 a surprise bombing of Japan hit Pearl Harbor, Oahu. Yes, it was a terrorist attack because the United States would 've known in advance, that Japan would do something like this, and the U.S would be equipped. The main reason the attack occurred at Pearl Harbor-Oahu, Hawaii was because it was the U.S fleet station. When Japan first found this information, that 's where the targets were pointed. Killing nearly 2,500 citizens and leaving another 1,000 wounded.
This reminds me of 9/11 which was also a terrorist attack killing around 2,500 and
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