9/11 Themes

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The movie covers the subject of the devastating terrorism attack of America on the Twin Towers in New York City on September 11, 2001. It covers the journey two port authority police officers went through that day and what they experienced. Real life events. The plot of the movie surrounds two New York port authority police officers (John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno) who are called in to help with the attack on the twin towers in NYC on 9/11. They were in the tower preparing to rescue and help people when the tower collapsed. They got stuck underneath rubble which was 20 feet down underneath ground zero. They were unable to move. The setting is New York City during and after the events of 9/11. The movie sometimes switches to the current events…show more content…
These are the major themes because the police officers and many people that were working during the time of 9/11 were so courageous and brave. Officers wanted to stay until sundown and after because they knew there were more people to be rescued and that were stuck underneath the rubble. Karnes (the marine) is shown as a civilian but then decides to go out an rescue people in his marine uniform. He is one of two (the other marine) who discovered and heard the noises being saved by Jimeno. They got other officers, firefighters, and personel to help and rescue the two survivors. They were all so brave in doing this. Survival is a theme because the two officers that stuck together and helped each other stay alive. Emotional distress is a theme because of what everyone went through. It was a traumatizing experience for everyone. The survivors, rescuers, doctors, family members and friends. Consciousness is being aware of your surroundings and this is something America has learned from 9/11. We are aware of everything around us and we learned how to be extra cautious. The rescuers put themselves at risk and knew that there was a possibility that everything could collapse on them and they could die…..they still went down and climbed through the wreckage to save John and Will

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